Integrated Operations Control Centre

IOCC Consulting consist amalgamating all related flight operational activities under one integrated control management system. Our main goal is to offer a cost effective efficient operation to airlines. We enable this with our International corporation with IOCC Consulting , Denmark, who have a group of highly skilled people such as MBA's, Pilots (Captains and Senior Pilots) and Attorneys of law. Combining all our knowledge we are a strong team who is ready to assist our clients in simplifying the complexities in an airline and its operation 

IOCC will help you evaluate and insure that you run your operation through a well described and designed IOCC solution that yields the performance and efficiency needed in a competing market. It will not only help you optimize and maximize the outcome of the operation but also minimize the risks involved in running an airline. 

IOCC Consulting will help you to achieve:

  • Seamless information flow throughout the organisation
  • Optimal decision-making
  • High level of efficiency
  • Cost reductions and risk minimisation
  • Achieving safe and on-time arrivals


  • A long-term investment
  • Worldwide collaboration and local knowledge
  • Customer awareness
  • Long-term relations
We are constantly monitoring the industry so you are always guaranteed the best advice and service, to ensure your success by increasing efficiency and minimizing cost.